OAK-cord 360.00 1/2 cord $225.00 Shaggy bark & Oak mix $300.00 cord /1/2 cord $200.00Shaggy bark 1-cord $295.00 1/2 cord $195.00Pine 1-cord $195.00. 1/2 cord $125.00 ALL DELIVERIES WITHIN TRI-CITY AREA $35.00 OF THE TRI-CITY AREA CAL FOR A QUOTE 928-719-8117vv. Ad number: #375533811 Contact: Jim billingsly City: Chino Valley Az Zip: 86323 Price: See details
Was married for over 20 years now I find my self I can't say board it seems like my dad keeps me pretty busy. I moved up here to help care for him after losing my wife.just feel kind of lost up here
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